Xoliswa Sithole is an award winning documentary maker. I first came to know of her, through watching “The Forgotten children of Zimbabwe” – the most powerful and heart-wrenching documentary ever made and I must urge you to watch it – it will impact your life, your view of the world and will (believe it or not) leave you feeling richer as a human being as you hear how so many children’s lives have been improved through the work done because of the impact made by this film. Continue reading

Jake White took South African rugby from loser status to World Champs over a 4-year period and through a time that saw his administration do as much as possible to stop him and his team from achieving their dream. Yet he did. Now he is taking a young Australian Brumbies side and turning them into title contenders. Jake White is more than a Coach, he is a true leader and this interview delves into just how he achieves so much with his teams. Continue reading

Every Wednesday we bring you a bit of Inspiration – today we highly recommend getting your hands on either the book or the documentary on the life of Jerry Weintraub. It is fantastically inspiring and highly entertaining. Continue reading

I will always be grateful to Malcolm Gladwell for opening my mind up to a completely unexpected ways of looking at the world. He is an Intellectual Adventurer, a global sensation and the most humble guy I have been lucky to talk to. Learn about the power of story telling, what drives him, how he decides on what to write about and his advice to all writers out there. This is a such a great interview that I couldn’t even summarise it – every word is worth watching and reading! Continue reading

Vusi was ranked as the best speaker in Africa by the age of 17 and is currently, the third best in the world. He has spoken in 17 countries to over 350 000 people. By 24 years of age, we was the Director of multinational turning over R17 Billion a year. He has been called “The Rock star of Speakers”, by John Howard. Michael Mol said, “Speaking after Vusi is like kissing a Queen; it’s a great honour but no one wants to do it”. Sir Bob Geldof said that you’re “a f#cking great speaker”. Thabo Mbeki said that “South Africa needs to produce more Vusis” and most importantly, Nelson Mandela said that “Vusi is the epitomy of the South Africa which we fought for.” In this power packed interview Vusi will share how we claimed all that acknowledgement, respect and rewards. IF YOU WANT TO SEE THE HIGHLIGHTS VIDEO OF VUSI – THERE IS A LINK BELOW THE SUMMARY IN RED – CLICK ON IT:) Continue reading