JASON: Today on Game Changer we’re speaking to Kris Duggan. Kris is the co-founder of Badgeville, which is the fastest growing B-to-B social company in the world. They’re a global leader in gamification, a trend which is one of the … Continue reading

Jason: I was quite excited to see when I read your book… I do this thing as well, apparently you do as well, where you highlight all the aspects and then give them that to summarize. Jannie: But I don’t … Continue reading

Vusi was ranked as the best speaker in Africa by the age of 17 and is currently, the third best in the world. He has spoken in 17 countries to over 350 000 people. By 24 years of age, we was the Director of multi-national turning over R17 Billion a year. He ahs been called “The Rock star of Speakers”, by John Howard. Michael Mol said, “Speaking after Vusi is like kissing a Queen; it’s a great honour but no one wants to do it”. Sir Bob Geldof said that you’re “a f#cking great speaker”. Thabo Mbeki said that “South Africa needs to produce more Vusis” and most importantly, Nelson Mandela said that “Vusi is the epitomy of the South Africa which we fought for.” In this power packed interview Vusi will share how we claimed all that acknowledgement, respect and rewards. Click here to see the full interview Transcript and Highlights Video. Continue reading

Highlights of my video interview with Jake   The Full Transcript from my interview with Jake JS: I wanted to start off, m, I get, kind of, right into the meat of it. Is… you started at the Brumbies, m, … Continue reading