About GameChanger
Welcome to GameChanger, my name is Jason Stewart and I am the host of this show. I have always had this curiosity when I have seen someone do something outstanding or extraordinary and thought – what makes them different? What do they do better than me, but more importantly – what can I learn from them that I can use in my own life. And so with each interview we focus on investigating what makes certain people exceed across all facets of life and importantly – what makes them a GameChanger?
The definition of a GameChanger is someone who is able to radically change a situation or has the potential to do so and ultimately they impact the world in a positive way. This show is for anyone who wants to make an impact on the world with their own life or at least has a curiosity for how other people do it.
We will have interviews with a wide range of people. From high profile and global GameChangers – individuals who are household names and have impacted millions of people to upcoming, local GameChangers – individuals who may not be well known but are excelling at what they are doing and impacting others locally around them.
This show has a global audience but because I am South African, it has been born out of a desire to showcase the right kind of Role Models to my own country, so there will be a 50% 50% split between South African and global GameChangers being interviewed, which I am sure will make for interesting viewing for everyone.
The one recurring theme of each person I will be interviewing is that they are a Game Changer – somebody who is making an impact on the world in their own unique way. I will investigate what makes these people different. From their psychology, to their daily behaviours and habits, I will try to extract as much wisdom, inspiration and know-how from them as possible to learn how we can implement those same learning’s and strategies into our own lives
To sum up, the outcome I want to achieve through these interviews is simply that you and I become much better at how we live our lives, become inspired and motivated, and know what changes we can make on a practical and psychological level that will help us become happier, more effective and feel more fulfilled in all facets of life and in our own journey to becoming a GameChanger.
I do need to insert a very important disclaimer though. This is not a professional company with resources, staff and financial backing. It is one guy with a day job that is doing this on the side, driven by an intense curiosity, a desire to improve and a passion for learning. Until we get major sponsors and resources – there will be many imperfections (most of all my very green interviewing skills) but I ask you to please overlook them and rather focus on the intent behind this project as well as the incredibly valuable content that these amazing people are sharing with us.
Thanks for starting this journey with me – see you on the show and in the comments. If you want to find out more about me and what I do, the rest of the time – see below.

About Jason:
Jason Stewart (32) is Co-Founder and Managing Partner of HaveYouHeard, South Africa’s first specialist Word-of-Mouth marketing (WOMM) agency, representing brands seeking to develop lasting and intimate relationships with their consumers.
After matriculating from the Diocesan College (Bishops) in 1997, Jason spent three years traveling and working in the UK, with trips to Europe, South America, South East Asia, Australia and the Middle East.
He enrolled at the Red & Yellow School of Advertising where he obtained a postgraduate Higher Diploma in Marketing and Advertising Communications Management. After graduating in 2002, Jason was invited to work on the Nigerian Breweries account based at Lowe Lintas, Lagos, in Nigeria. Upon return to Cape Town, he joined FCB (now Draft FCB) as a project manager in the below-the-line division.
Jason decided to strike out on his own and established HaveYouHeard during 2008, developing a new way of engaging and managing people to become word-of-mouth brand advocates.
Not afraid of a crowd, Jason has been a guest speaker at numerous conferences including IMC, the Social Networking Summit, Interactive Summit and the Word of Mouth Marketing Indaba. He has spoken on a variety of topics such as Word-of-Mouth Marketing in South Africa, Influencer Marketing, Word of Mouth 2.0, Social Media – Turning fans into advocates, How to move listeners to become brand ambassadors, Customer Service – The forgotten pillar of marketing and How to grow market share through customer service.


HaveYouHeard – my other baby:)
Established in 2008, HaveYouHeard is South Africa’s first specialist Word-of-Mouth Marketing (WOMM) agency, owned and managed by Jason Stewart and Ryan McFadyen.

With services that incorporate online and offline activity, all campaigns begin with the development of a Word-Of-Mouth Marketing Strategy. This strategy then feeds into specialised executions, which have the consumer at their very centre. The intentional outcomes of our campaigns include brand building, product development and sales drivers. These goals are translated into an executable strategy that fulfills the needs of the brand. Outcomes of these campaigns include ambassador campaigns, brand community creation, product seeding, consumer influencer marketing, social media management, guerilla marketing and qualitative research.

Servicing the local and international FMCG, financial institutions, beverage, beauty and  pharmaceutical industries, HaveYouHeard’s client base includes Unilever, SAB, Sanlam, Vodacom, Clover, Pfizer and Woolworths.  In 2012, HaveYouHeard signed an exclusive product import deal with California-based social media marketing agency Zuberance.
The agency strongly believes in the marketing value of an honest recommendation (from a trusted source such as a friend), which has led them to build a competitive marketing agency around stimulating conversations for brands and their products.
Stewart and his team focus on inspiring influential individuals to share their opinions with their peers regarding clients’ products. Peer-to-peer recommendations are considered the most credible, valuable and actionable form of marketing. HaveYouHeard adds real value to any organisations bottom line. Its high return-on-investment, measurability, reach, impact and effectiveness makes Word-of-Mouth Marketing  indispensable to any successful marketing campaign.