Piers Fawkes talks Trends, the Future of Business and the reasons behind the success of PSFK.com

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> So we have these trend reports – they’re an expression of the robust analysis we do for clients like American Express or for Apple. We look at certain subjects that are very interesting right now, like the future of gaming, we look at the future of real time information, the future of health health and the future of retail which is probably our flagship report.
> I think I’m just curiously nosey.
> Take advantage of opportunities when they come along. You make your own luck, I think you create your own luck by working hard.


> I suppose businesses that are gonna survive will be the businesses that don’t try to make money out of restrictions of supplying but actually adding value.
> I think I set an example and then I involve people. I allow them to challenge what I did in the past, how I used to write the website, how I used to find consultancy. In the past we use to be out-dated and so when I bring people in, there’s an expectation of them to meet what I did but it’s also an expectation to evolve the offering and that’s why they’re here.
> Spend more time thinking about what people want. At the end of the of the day it’s trying to work out what people want, what your readers want, what your clients want, what your lecturer at college wants and then providing the answer.
> Work really, really, hard......it’s really rewarding, work really hard and think about what makes people happy.

Know How

> I think one of the one of the advantages that we have is just time, I just started writing in 2004. We’ve been around years, we just kept doing it every single day, kept publishing and we kept proving to the world this is what we do and what we think and I think that's the big differential in some ways, it’s we just kept doing it and a lot of people fell by the way-side. We’re not making much money out of the website itself I mean a love for sharing of ideas.
> I think you know we’re all gonna have to find different ways of making money, I think the web is going to break down barriers. If you had a business which was about the restriction of information or the restriction of products, or restrictions of anything, the web is going to change that, like, the music industry like any content business, The changes that are happening to content businesses is gonna happen to every business - you just have to find a different way of making money.
> I wake up about 06h30 – 07h00, I spend about three to four hours researching...I spend a lot of time researching and during that time I really cut myself off. I don’t read my e-mails till about 09h00 or 10h00. I then come to the office and work on the website; I work with my editorial team for an hour or so. I get involved in reviewing what the consulting team are doing; talking to the events team and what they’re doing. I think my job is about the quality of thought behind everything. My job is also to create a bridge to connect with readers, our clients and our network. So I think my job is actually to be the network for PSFK. I have to be the person going out there in the industry, telling people about what’s going on.
> We were the great sharers, before everything else. It’s been wonderful to have Twitter come along and Facebook so that the ideas could then be shared to a great network.
> They are importers of social data…and the best businesses are gonna understand how to use that data in an appropriate manner and to create wonderful experiences for people.

Interesting to Know

> Our website is a go to source for new ideas and inspiration, so everyday we mine the web and talk to people. We basically publish the ideas that excite us, thirty to forty ideas a day. We also publish reports, sometimes we even do analysis. We have an events business so we hold large conferences in London, San Francisco, New York, Singapore and we hold smaller salons and basically bring to life the conversations we have each day on the website. I mean at our heart we do this thought leadership...
> I think the two things that are coming through the retail report is: the idea of retail demands – i.e. where I want it, when I want it…and then secondly is that of the new brand champion - seeing how customers and shoppers are actually doing the work of brands. They’re being advocates for brands and being affiliates. They’re selling brand products; they’re even doing the customer service of brands.

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