Jannie Mouton talks investing, great companies and how you can become succesful

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> I invest in business books and books about people where you can learn something about life. That's what I like to read.
> If you think something through, you discuss it with people and there's merit it in then you must do it. You've can't just do it with 75% of effort. You have to put 100% of effort into it.
> You have to execute what you believe. Otherwise it's always only just a good story.
> If there is something you want to do – an idea or a business proposition or whatever – focus. Eat, drink and live it till it is in place and working.
> Put something in place that drives you to reach your fruition? Don’t just struggle and complain.
> It's impossible to start a Capitec in Germany or France. Only in South Africa, do we have opportunities like that.


> Only you can make a difference in your own life.
> The more you read, the more you understand what is going on around you in life.
> Look at what you can master, what are your strong points, what are your weak points. Opportunities are in every person.
> An important part of self-education is interacting with people and discussing opportunities with people. A person who doesn't interact in life loses out.
> One should realize that if you make the right investment decisions, it will make a difference in your life, financially, over a life time.
> Young people should, at a very young age, start investing and not spending everything that you earn. If you start investing in a disciplined way, at a young age, it will make an enormous difference.
> Life is not about money - its about health, happiness and good relationships.
> To sit here all day and night talking about everything's that's bad it's unbelievable negative.
> A successful business is not a drag on society, it's a benefit to society. We must encourage companies to grow. The informal trader must be encouraged to develop his business because then a lot of South Africans will be a better place in years to come.

Know How

> The most important ingredient in business is management, who must have a share in the business so that they think as owners and not as employees.
> A company will only survive if it's creative. The world is changing, so you have to be creative.
> The next challenge is to keep the people looking at changes, opportunities, and bring it in to discuss it. You must encourage them.
> You must encourage your staff to be enthusiastic. Let them come to you with ideas.
> A good share will always do better than the South African economy and it's something if you need money you can sell it and within 24 hours have almost the money back if there's a crisis.

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