Stephen Greene is the co-founder of the most exciting, powerful and literally community-changing organisations. They have made volunteering cool, with over 130,000 volunteers giving 4 hours of their time (more than 500,000 hours in total!) around the world in order to gain access to the most exclusive events featuring the likes of Lady Gaga, David Guetta, Little Wayne, Kanye West and more. Stephen holds nothing back in this interview as he details HOW they operates and inspires through the impact they have created. Watch the official Rockcorps video first (by scrolling to the bottom of the post) – it will give you goosebumps!! Continue reading

Richard Griffin is probably not as well known as his creations – most famous being the exceptional Madam Zingara – but he should be. He was a millionaire by the age of 21, he has lost everything twice and rebuilt everything thrice and is noted as one of the worlds greatest Restauranteurs. What was interesting in this interview is that Richard spent no time talking about food (at the center of why people go to Restaurants), rather he spoke for almost two hours on building up his team, how he does it, why and the impact it has on his business. Richard is leading the world in a new form of Leadership and business purpose. There is an astounding amount of wisdom and advice shared in this interview – follow it and you will not only build your own highly profitable Kingdom, but you will also be able to change lives. Continue reading

This weeks, Midweek Inspiration looks at a documentary chronicling the ambitions of four different men in their pursuit to build a viable electric car. It is highly entertaining, very insightful and includes our very own Elon Musk. Watch it and Enjoy! Continue reading

Kris Duggan is the founder of the fastest growing B2B company in the world – Badgeville, who are also the leaders in the use of Gamification (using Game techniques to influence behaviour). In this interview Kris talks about the market potential he sees ($500 billion), how he manages his companies growth through the values they all live and act by and what makes him such an efficient leader. Kris is on the forefront of shaping the digital world and on-line behaviour which makes this an absolute must watch! Continue reading

Jannie Mouton is the chairmen of PSG which he founded in 1995 is now valued at over R60 billlion! If you had invested R100 000 at the start, and reinvested your dividends, your share value would be worth over R80 million. He has been called South Africa’s very own Warren Buffet, and is generally recognised as one of the world best investors. He has achieved much and has a passion for development and growth (in business, profits and importantly self). Jannie is a very wise man who shares much in the great interview. Watch the 15 MINUTES Highlights version of the Interview. Continue reading

Nik Rabinowitz has won most awards in South Africa for his stand up comedy, but more importantly, he is consistently one of the funniest guys in South Africa. He churns out fresh material all the time and one of my weekly highlights is hearing him talk about the ‘Week that wasn’t’ on Cape Talk/ 702. He is a true craftsman and in this interview he shares how the more he works, the better he gets. Nik also talks about how he overcame his fear of public speaking, his favourite joke, and what makes a great comedian. Check out the links below, as well, that show you where you can catch his next performance. Continue reading

Piers Fawkes is the founder and Editor-in-Chief of one of my favourite sites – Over 1 million people visit the site each month to be inspired by new idea’s and insights. Piers is with out doubt one of the very few global Thought Leaders on Trends, Creativity, Communication and Marketing. More than just a website, PSFK consults to major brands around the world and also hosts conferences to bring the greatest minds together. He has just launched a global report on the ‘Future of Retail 2012 – Volume 3′ which is a fascinating read with great practical solutions. The link is on the actual post. Enjoy this interview. Continue reading

This is one of the most inspiring documentaries I have ever watched. Bruce Lee is one of the ultimate GameChangers across martial arts, move stunts, exercise, life philosophy as well as how the world viewed Asians. One of the most important impacts he had on the world, was to get people to respect tradition, but also to question. To lose what was not relevant or working and to adapt or merge with other traditions and newer modern innovations. This is highly entertaining and I have also included a very powerful interview which he gave in the early 70′s. Hope you enjoy. Continue reading

Alan Knott-Craig is the new CEO of Mxit, recently purchasing it through his company World of Avatar. He is a born Entrepreneur, a maverick and someone who has an ambition to change the playing fields. He has gone through more ups and downs than most businessmen twice his age and therefore is able to offer a wealth of wisdom and inspiration in this jam packed interview. Continue reading

Andile Khumalo is a partner in MSG Africa, an investment firm with interests in companies to many to mention. He is a self made man and addicted to success (which he seems to have an ample supply of!). In this great interview he shares wisdom on how he manages his life to be more effective, gives advice on how to find your passion, talks about the effect of failure and finishes with a powerful expression on how he feels about education and the youth of South Africa. Continue reading